Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Most Useful Chart in B/X

 This is it.

This is the average GP (and XP) value of each treasure type in the Basic/Expert sets. It's something I use for stocking dungeons, with the modest conversion of a Silver Piece standard.

It's old school "game balance" summed up in five lines. You don't need to understand why it works (though it doesn't hurt). Just follow the rules.

Every time I think the old school D&D design space is full up, I find a new wrinkle. This parsimony of design is one of the things that drew me back to paper and pencil roleplaying, and it's something I look for in every new release, and in my own writing.

What works at the table?

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  1. Nice find! I completely missed this little chart. This will come in handy.